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Photography at The Belle

Thank you for your interest in The Belle for photography sessions.  The suites here provide a romantic and luxurious backdrop for your clients and are sure to enhance your work!  Below are the rules and requirements for every photography session at The Belle and are non-negotiable.  Violation of the rules will result in deposit forfeiture. 


  • Due to Covid you can only have two guests per room at a time (this includes you  

  • All cars for your rented room must park behind your car or on the street ~ not to block other guests parking spots 

  • Normal sessions are 3 hours long from 11:30am-2:30pm or 12noon -3pm ~ the price is $100 for 3 hours plus 12.75% tax. 

  • Nightly rate for all-day sessions is $150 plus 12.75% tax.

  • No photo activity or moving of furniture / making loud noises before 8am and after 8pm. 

 **This requirement is strictly enforced and applies only if you book for the entire day/night.

  • There is a $100 cash deposit due the day you arrive ... it will be returned to you once the room has been inspected, the deposit is returned via paypal, venmo or cash. 

  • If any coverings, rugs or fabrics require excessive cleaning as a result of makeup, stains from Lingerie fabric etc ~ You will forfeit your deposit. 


Thanks again for your interest in The Belle and I look forward to working with you ! 

Photographer Registration

By completing this form, you acknowledge the requirements, deposits and policies listed above. Thank you for your interest in The Belle at Avery.

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